How To: Install the TechT Lightning Rod on a paintball gun

Install the TechT Lightning Rod on a paintball gun

In this video, our author, KRASHARPSHOOTER, shows us how to install a TechT Lightning Rod. First we remove the screw on the underside, and turn it over and remove the four base screws. Now lift up on the piston housing and remove it. Then, remove the nut and the tension guide. Now you can remove your ratchet axle and rod. Now remove the pin that hoods the ratchet rod and axle together. With this, we can now remove the piston spring and spring guide. Next, lubricate your lightning rod with any kind of grease and coat the end of it. Now, put the spring and spring guide back in place, and line everything up accordingly. Then, in reverse order reassemble the pieces as previously described and it is fully installed.

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