How To: Clean a Spyder Marker paintball gun

Clean a Spyder Marker paintball gun

In this tutorial, we learn how to clean a Spyder marker paintball gun. Before you start, disconnect your air source and turn the gun off to a safe position. Now, remove the barrel and slide out the pin. Now, the marker should fall out on its own. Make sure not to lose any of the parts that come out with this. Pull out the string, bumper, and striker as well. Now, use paintball oil to clean all of the parts that you removed from your gun. Only use the paintball oil, because other oils contain harmful chemicals to your paintball gun. When finished cleaning all of the different pieces and parts, replace the pieces of the gun back to the frame. Don't forget about any of the pieces, then test it out to make sure it's working correctly.

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Uhh well I found my older brothers paintball gun and It needed some reassembly anywayd I think it is missing the metal disk/c in the velocity adjustment how bad is this problem what should I do

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