How To: Disassemble and clean the Tippmann A-5 Flatline barrel

Disassemble and clean the Tippmann A-5 Flatline barrel

First of all take one eight inch 'Ellen ' wrench and take off the back screw. Now you have to slide out the back plate. There is no need to take the front plate apart. You can clean it using some hot water.You can run hot water over it for a minute. You can also set it in a sink and then run hot water from the tap. You can see a scratch mark on the shaft. That is there to show you the vertical. Now insert in to the round so that this mark is in line with a little mark over it. If it is not aligned that you need to adjust it. You need a 360 degrees Ellen wrench and insert it through the tiny hole in the side. Now unscrew the screw and then you have to adjust it. Make sure the marks are both together. Now screw it back and then reassemble the slider back in. Now screw it and tighten it.

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